Poet, Songwriter, Performer


Join me November 1st at 2 p.m. Central time for a virtual Zoom memorial celebrating our friend Leroy. Take a moment to share a memory, tell a story or reflect on the time you spent together. I hope to see you there!


Meeting ID: 857 9296 4861
Passcode: 0BSacF

Leroy X is a natural-born songwriter, who’s been honing his craft and sharpening his words for the past 30 years. Originally a drummer and founding member of the punk band The Jonny 3, Leroy gave up life on the road and everything Nashville to write songs for himself. Today, his song catalog includes more than 500 originals in every genre. When he’s not writing or working on new songs in the studio, you’ll see him playing guitar and singing loudly, a style the earned him the nickname Leroy Xcess. This method must have served him well in competition since he’s now known as a shell-shocked veteran of national and regional poetry slams. As a writer and poet, Leroy is one of strongest lyricists in town, so stick around to see what he does next.


Other Musical Adventures

Featuring Leroy X, Kenny Vaughan and various conspirators, this legendary underground punk act rocked stages from NYC to Denver and Minneapolis to Nashville.

Featuring the fabulous Lzy Jo on sax and Leroy X on the rest, this high-concept duo uses technology and ingenuity to craft contagious tunes with pop sensibilities and a rock ‘n’ rock twist.

James Jaymes is The Aussie. Raucous and ribald, washed-up yet fully revived, James and His Mates love their sheilas as well as their didgeridoos, and the ladies love them right back.

This instrument-driven duo features synths, sax and raging guitars on everything from Texas-style country-rap (crap?) to straight-up rock and Fux-inspired fugues.

One leg, one guy—Pegleg is more than enough man. Hailing from Brisbane, the captain and his crew have faced the “Aye of the Starm” and they still “Fear No Manne.”

Pedal to the speed metal, this band is full steam ahead. Guided by the nuclear energy of gender-fluid front-person Zenith, The Tender Young are on an amazing trajectory.

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For more information, contact me directly: jleroysm@gmail.com.